• Increasing Internet Use

    The number of internet users is seeing a massive increase within the country as in the last 3 years, 3G/4G users grew by an astounding rate of 4x in 2018! In a country of ~200 million, roughly 60 million people are active consumers of the digital market. With the telecom industry seeing such a sharp rise, it is no wonder that the analysts viewed it surpass the $1 billion mark. (Mckinsey report)
  • GDP Growth

    Pakistan has also managed to sustain a generous GDP growth for several years, which is expected to climb to 6% till 2026. Currently fostering a population of approximately 200 million, it is expected that by 2025, around 700,000 new high-income earners ( > 70k USD) will be added into the pool and around 2.1 million households will enter the medium-income bracket ( > 7.5k USD and < 70k USD). These statistics show a promising future for Pakistan, one which is already becoming tangible. (Mckinsey report)
  • Economical Advancements

    Just recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan took a monumental step towards bringing Pakistan closer to the economic powerhouse it aims to become. It gained 28 places in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index which moved it to the 108th place. The government also claims that it plans to improve the index to the 70th position in the coming years. Not only has Pakistan achieved the first position in the South Asian region for bringing in fast reforms, but it also gained 6th position in top reformers of the world.
  • Flourishing Tourism

    Aside from a magnitude of economic success, Pakistan has also been regularly viewed as a safe and secure tourist destination. With the international image of Pakistan growing back to normal, world-class sports such as cricket have also made their way back home. The blockbuster event of cricket, the 2018 Pakistan Super League (PSL), hosted its main events inside Pakistan where players from Australia, England, and South Africa took part willingly. Complete tours have also been done by the teams of Sri-Lanka and Zimbabwe.
  • Opening Borders

    Pakistan also opened its borders to Sikh Pilgrims through the Kartarpur border this year. Not only does it show a remarkable improvement in the security situation of Pakistan, but it is also making the world aware of how it is open for interaction with different cultures.

Pakistan & YOU

Pakistan is an emerging market in South Asia. Agriculture accounts for about 25% of the GDP, and the current government is looking for (foreign) investors to do business in Pakistan. Both developments are promising openings for the Dutch agriculture sector. It is the perfect time to enter the Pakistani market. A few opportunities are:


China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – China ‘s multibillion-dollar investment expected to lead to a 2.5% annual GDP growth.


The 18th largest middle class in the world (85 million people).

GDP Growth

The average GDP growth of 4 to 5% annually.

Growing international interest

The growing interest of Dutch companies in Pakistan > Friesland Campina has made a multimillion-euro investment in the dairy industry.

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